Smart functionality is gradually integrating industrial machining processes and maintenance with broader factory IT systems. As digital factory data intuitively links with machine networks, they build intelligence that will eventually connect the shop floors of machine tool manufacturers with those of machine tool users.

The  Industrial Electric Automation Department of ABILITY is specialized in R&D of industrial control and automation technology, engineering design, system integration and engineering commissioning. With sophisticated technologies and excellent service, ABILITY provides customers from various industries with solution to production automation,electric automation and field instrumentation, and offers them comprehensive engineering technical services like model selection, configuration, engineering design, system integration, software programming, field commissioning and technical training from developing and designing stages to installing and operating stages.


Electric team combines the features of process and system with customer’s need to design various types of high & low voltage distribution box and field distribution box, which provide reasonable protection to power supply of industrial electric equipment and interlock circuit to process control. Meanwhile, it designs construction drawing of electric control system and offers instruction to field installation and commissioning based on general engineering drawing in accordance with related industrial and national standards

Instrumentation and Automation

The company is well experienced in automatic control system design and implementation in environment protection industrial procedures, with good knowledge about all kinds of industrial spots, and control systems like DCS/PLC and advanced intellectual instruments, such as Siemens, DELTA. It also adopts open multi-field bus like EtherNet/IP, ProfilBUS-DP, ControlNet and Genius successfully to make up redundant and non-redundant web system among several environment protection wastewater treatment systems, exhaust gas treatment system and acid purification system, realizing collection of switching value and analog quantity data involved in distant I/O, transmit data to central control system through process control network, design and develop control program according to progress requirements to realize various processes, and design and develop upper process monitoring network to carry out centralized monitoring, management, automatic sequence control and exchange data with information layer with IPC or touch screen as man-machine interface.

The operation interface provides customers with complete and powerful information center, through which operators may carry out manual intervention like latch/unlocking, stepping, delay, pausing to the program and be aware of the program implementation status timely, for example, type of program implemented, implementation progress, and current status of the program.

Based on the progress condition, the instrumentation best fit for the field will be selected to measure various progress running data steadily and transmit signals to control system so as to ensure easy integration of various on-spot equipments from servers on plant management web, and maximum integration of on-spot data, to realize three-level control including equipment, workshop and the plant.

As a business unit of ABILITY TECHNOLOGY ., we uphold the highest of standards in safety for industrial control equipment and enclosures for electrical equipment.

Industrial Automation offers Industrial Process Controls for areas such as manufacturing, water treatment, and petroleum.  Our UL 508A Listed panel shop allows us to provide both control components and peripherals to our clients.


We use our technological expertise and efficient operations systems to provide automated industrial controls and controls accessories such as relays, motor starters, and controllers in order to obtain efficient building automation.  Industrial Automation combines hardware, software, and communication components to control customer industrial and manufacturing processes