Best Guide to Enhance Poor Computer Work After Updating Drivers

Windows Errors Best Guide to Restore Poor PC Work After Updating Drivers

You can also restrict a specific app from sending notifications by individually turning off app notifications using the same settings panel. You can either block complete notification through the app or block particularly ‘sound’ by turning off ‘Play a solid when notification arrives’ option ‘ this ends in silent app notifications which piles on your action center.

Read the full info here. I downloaded the dll from

This issue has majorly sprouted for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machines which were due upgrading to Windows 10. It triggered this kill switch for Intel 7th generation processors, including Sky Lake and Kaby lake architecture, and the AMD Ryzen processor line. Because of this, you can forget updates were rolling out of those PCs.

Disk Write Caching won’t actually write data to the hard drive, It occurs later, after some time. But in case of a power outage or system failure, the information will get lost or corrupted. So while disk write caching may increase system performance, this may also increase the chances of data reduction in case of power or system failures.

Without a doubt, to be able to view any and all the files on your computer is an immensely useful tool when troubleshooting Windows problems. Using the instructions above you’ll be able to let the viewing of all hidden and system files so that you’ll be able to properly troubleshoot your issues, when finished, revert it to Windows’ default settings. If you have any queries relating to this process please post them in our Windows 8 forums.

To adjust Settings, hit the settings icon around the recording toolbar and configure such things as the size of recording automatically. Here, it’s also possible to enable background recording that enables you to record in the background. If required, it is possible to set the max length for recording and disable the notification balloons.