Al Qudrah Switchgear

When smooth and reliable power is critical to your operation, Al Qudrah Switchgear can design, manufacture and support the hardware at the centre of it all.

From Control Panels and Switchgear to Auto Changeover Systems and Power Factor Correction Equipment, Al Qudrah Switchgear can create a solution that perfectly matches your needs.

And for the ultimate in efficiency and reliability, you can even call on us to create a complete custom Package Substation. By employing flexible modular construction with minimal cabling and reduced civil costs, we’ll help you get maximum performance for the minimum outlay.

Why Choose Us?

There are lot of reasons why!

You don’t want “cheap “switchgear… but you want value for money. our completely custom solutions mean you never pay for features you don’t need and our buying power means we can source great deals and pass the savings on to you.

Encyclopaedic knowledge you can depend on

From our sales team to our technicians and engineers, you’ll find a mine of information at your disposal. From advice and guidance on the best solution to meet your needs to ongoing support. Technical development and further customization, we have the knowledge and the ideas to make it happen.

Complete full-range service, all in one place

Al Qudrah Switchgear can design, manufacture, install, test and maintain your switchgear and control panels. We can custom modify switchgear from just about any manufacturer so that it better suits your needs – and we can even upgrade our own previous systems. Why invest in new switchgear when we can help you get more mileage from your current system?

Maximum service, minimum fuss

For years, we’ve designed and installed thousands of switchboards and control panels for all markets. It’s the heart of what we do… and we’re good at it! To you, that means getting the ultimate solution with the minimum disruption to your business. Fast installation, rapid (but thorough) testing and all the support you need.

Cast – iron Guarantee

Every solution we provide is backed by our comprehensive 12 month warranty. Off course, we don’t expect you’ll need it, but your peace of mind is assured with the knowledge that should the slightest fault occur, we’ll be there to fix it for you. Customers satisfaction is the key, this is why our customers come back time and time again.

Our Experience